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Search Engine optimisation

Smart & Simple

Our creative SEO approach uses technical insight, analysis and sheer determination to get you on to page one of Google.

Web Design & Development

Perfect Choice

The key to the success of all of our sites is the breadth of our experience - from our London based website designers and web developers; we create Sites at a Cost effective and affordable Price. Speak to our Ex Google Specialists to find out more now!


Creative Ideas

All our developers and Search Engine specialists have a wealth of experience and have worked on some pretty complex projects so get in touch and let’s talk about in projects or advice on any new ventures your thinking of!

Web design & Development

We believe that our web development and design services can benefit even small, medium to large scale businesses around the world, as our tailored made packages are cost effective and developed around your online businesses needs.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is not only about generating traffic to your website – That’s the easy part!
It is about generating good quality, targeted traffic for our clients so that they target the right market, and so that their website can easily be found on search engine such as Google Yahoo and Bing, achieving a good online growth and an excellent ROI.

Social Media

Social media is allowing brands to connect with consumers more intimately than ever, so we help you say the right things, in the right places at the right time.
Creating engaging content is at the heart of everything we do in social media.
Our dedicated team of creative and technical experts use their know-how to create the best shareable content, from short films to info graphics, always making sure everything we produce has a clear and measurable impact.

Latest Projects



14, February, 2014

Ikitu was a really exciting and a complex project for us to work on. We was involved with the design and development of the site. We developed the design your own case feature with out flash as per our client requirement check it out!



13, February, 2014

Click sunglasses was one of our first project we worked on we was fully involved with the project start to finish from design to development we also developed some funky functionality on the product page check it out if you need any creative ideas or any complex development ideas to executed then get in touch!



13, February, 2014


13, February, 2014

Professional Management Skills

Web design & development

Experienced Uk Developers

Web Development London

Click Wise Digital has a team of web developers that have a wealth of web experience and knowledge. Over the years we have successfully gone on to build up a team of designers and developers that are capable of offering you the latest cutting edge, ground breaking web solutions.

We believe that our web development and design services can benefit even small, medium to large scale businesses around the world, as our tailored made packages are cost effective and developed around your online businesses needs.

We are able to provide clients with website design, development and eCommerce solutions that use multi-functional portals and languages.

Our web development team can also create you a custom-made mobile optimised site and app that can be accessed by using both the Apple IOS and Android mobile operating systems.

We have expertise in

    • E-commerce website design and development
    • Business website development
    •  Custom web applications and development
    • Responsive website design, that can be viewed across all platforms
    • Mobile website design and development, including mobile apps
    • Open source Content Management System (CMS) development
    • Payment Gateway Integration with Paypal, Sagepay Wordpay among others
    • log setup and optimisation
    • Bespoke software development

The core technologies or platforms that we work with:

    • Web application development platforms – PHP, OsCommerce, Joomla, X-cart, Magento, and Asp. Net, WordPress, Zen Cart, Druple, Ajax and Ruby on Rails.
    •   Database servers – MS SQL, MySQL, MS Access and PostgreSQL
    • Web Servers – MS IIS and Apache

Mobile app development

Experienced UK mobile app developers

Search engine optimisation

Ex Google Specialists working on your SEO

Search engine optimisation is not only about generating traffic to your website – That’s the easy part!

It is about generating good quality, targeted traffic for our clients so that they target the right market, and so that their website can easily be found on search engine such as Google, which will have an impact on your companies brand and services.

Failing to do SEO in today’s digital age is setting yourself up for failure online, it is almost like opening up a store and not telling anyone about it, including the search engines. We effectively carry out SEO services that will successful go on to improve results. Whether you are looking for local it is widely received online.


There are many reason as to how you and your company can benefit from the use of our online SEO services, and below we shall list a few:

    • To attract high quality traffic targeted traffic to your website
    • To ensure  that both offline and online search engine optimisation has been carried out on your website, while making sure that it is both usable and accessible
    • Increase your online sales, promotions and lead generations
    • SEO that has been done professionally has a higher ROI
    • Professional SEO helps you to increase your confidence, authority and presence online with search engines such as Yahoo, Google, Bing and MSN



Here is a list of a few things that we can do for you, as part of our SEO services:

    • Help you to identify your online business objectives and marketing objectives
    • Choose the right keywords to help you achieve highly informative, keyword-rich website content
    • Promote your website so that it appears on the top search engines’ results pages
    • Ensure that your websites positioning within the top search engine results pages are consistently improved upon.
    • We will also execute and manage your SEO and online marketing campaigns
    • Improve upon your visitor to client conversion ratios, and click through rates
    • Provide detailed reports of the SEO initiatives taken and results obtained over a given period
    • Prepare action plans in order to target future goals and objectives


To get an idea about how we would handle your SEO and online marketing projects, you can get in contact with us today in order to talk with one of our accredited advisors.

Although, typically when working with a new client we:

    • Send our clients a questionnaire that will help us to understand their online goals and objectives, as well as the nature of their business, and their target market.
    • Our SEO consultants will then review the clients website, pinpointing out areas in need of restructuring and complete optimisation, with the results then be provided as a report.

Based on the clients questionnaire answers and our report findings, we will then go on to create a “bespoke” package that is individually tailor made just for them.

Pay Per Click

Ex Google Specialist working on you’re Pay per click marketing

When it comes to Pay Per Click marketing Click Wise Digital will triumphantly setup and manage your PPC accounts with tops search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. We will provide you with a dedicated “Google Certified” account manager who will handle all of your queries and account responsibilities including the data analysis of your Keywords, Campaign Management, Landing Page Development, Conversions and more.

The benefit of using our “Google Certified” account managers is that they understand that once a strategic PPC plan has been put into place by us, that it is one of the quickest and most effective ways to accurately drive targeted business and customers to your website.

You will work closely with your PPC account manager, in order for you to discuss your marketing and business objectives so that you can put a structured plan in place, in order to get the best possible return on your investment (ROI). While providing you with a monthly report and any updates that relate to any future developments.

Why Us?

Click Wise Digital are a professional digital marketing agency that can help you to get the most out of your PPC campaigns. Once we have accessed your strengths and weaknesses, we will then go on to create a plan that will deliver you with the best return on investments (ROI).

You will be impressed by how meticulous and dedicated our PPC marketing team is, they carry out a daily analysis that is based upon your websites performance, in order to constantly adapt your strategies and meet the market’s expectations.

While many people do not necessarily understand the power of PPC, what they do need to know is that with the right knowledge and technology, our agency is committed to delivering results.

Social Media

Experienced Social media professional

“We influence Social Media in order to engage your viewers and boost your sales”!

When it comes to developing your social media plan, Clock Wise Digital aims to find out as much as we possibly can about our clients objectives, sales, and industry, in order for us to be able to use the necessary social media tools to optimise their online presence, and possibly improve their visibility and positioning on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN etc.

A successful social media campaign will help to enhance your brand, and the products you sell, as well as drive more traffic to your website that will also help to give your SEO efforts a boost.

Do you ever consider the value that Face book actually has when it comes to your businesses social media presence? Because if you haven’t been informed yet, then you may not have realised that social media has actually revolutionised the ways in which we communicate today.

Click Wise Digital is a leading Social Media agency that can use the power of the internet and social media to improve the performance of your website. After all, most instruments need fine tuning in order to work well. So why not get in contact with us today so that we can discuss your Social Media strategy.

What we can offer you:

    • Audit and planning strategies – we carry out in-depth research on your products or business services, so that we can put the necessary strategies in place
    • We will also audit your current social media presence (if any) and check what has been working so far, and what has not
    • Account management – for clients that may have already launched an online social media presence, but are confused about what to do next
    • Tracking the performance – we will track the success of your brand’s social media presence, as well as analyse your brand’s performance across various social media platforms
    • Competitive analysis – we will see what your competitors are doing in regards to their own social media, and will out do their efforts
    •  Social media profiles – we will create and manage your all of businesses social media accounts, so that we can interact and build up your audience numbers
    • Blog creation and optimization – we can also create your blog and keep it updated with interesting content.

Through regular blog posts that are relevant to your industry, here are a few products and services we can offer you:

    • Blog promotion services – we have the ability to promote your blog widely across the internet, and if requested, generate a small income from it for you
    • Building relationships online – we look out for communities to target that relate to your business, we can then interact with them by writing interesting blog posts and articles that they can relate to. This type of interaction is perfect, because we are specifically communicating with our clients target markets.

Benefits of Social Media Optimisation

    • Instantly increase, or smash through your previously set traffic records, by using robust social media strategies
    •  It allows you to directly connect with your target market
    •  Social Media can improve your company’s brand awareness and increase its brand visibility
    •   Increase sales, due to an increase in your social media activity which will result in more visitors
    • Social media will also help you to make a return on your investment, as our client reports will show an increase in all areas of the business including sales, plus online visitors and clicks


WebSite conversion Optimisation

Driving traffic to your site but not seeing healthy ROI? Then look no further we are specialists in working in achieving a high ROI not just getting a lot of traffic to your site!




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