Website Maintenance from £99 / Month

Do you find yourself being busy with website stuff instead of being productive?
Don’t want to spend too much money just to maintain the website?
Want to secure the website from being hacked?
Frustrated with hosting issues that happens more frequently?

We provide premium WordPress technical support. Our services includes updates, backups, helpdesk, content management and fixing unexpected WordPress issues.

The need of Website Maintenance

There is a laundry list of tasks that should be done to keep your website running smoothly. The most time-sensitive of these are website security updates and patches. Without these, your website has the potential to be an actual danger to those who click on it.


WordPress Updates

Staying updated will limit vulnerabilities and slowdowns while giving you access to the most newest features.

24/7 Monitoring

Viruses, malware and hackers never stop. 24/7 monitoring ensures your site is safe all day and night.

Database Optimisation

We’ll optimize your website database monthly to make sure it loads quickly so your visitors convert.

Website Edits

Let us help you update your content, optimize images or publish posts, add new pages.

Plugin Maintenance

We’ll frequently review your plugins for compatibility, vulnerabilities and updates, so you don’t have to.


Frequent backups stored on and off site give you confidence that your website will be safe should something unusual occur.

Monthly Reporting

Receive monthly reports that let you know what updates and scans we performed so you can use to improve your conversions.

Training & Support

We frequently review and update keywords, adjust bids, write new ad copy, and perform many other frequent campaign updates.

Custom Options

If you manage multiple sites or one complex site with custom modules, plugins and widgets, we’ll create a plan for you.


Interested in working together? Contacting us is easy. Simply click select your plan and get started.

WiseCare 99

£99 / month
  • Full Maintenance
  • Quick tournaround time
  • 10 Hours Total Support
  • SEO Advise

WiseCare 249

£249 / month
  • Full Maintenance
  • Hosting Renewal
  • Domain Renewal
  • 30 Hours of total Support
  • Advanced SEO Optimisation

No contract! Cancel anytime! 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not happy with our service! No Question Asked!